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Ringworm Pictures
Have you been itching and scratching and wondering if you are infected with ringworm? If the symptoms persist, consult a doctor as soon as possible to get a diagnosis. Your doctor will be able to give you appropriate medications to get rid of the ringworm.
Ringworm Pictures
As you can see from the rignworm pictures, the infection is reddish in color, with a circular border of smaller bumps. The center of the ringworm is normal skin color. The size of the ringworm varies quite dramatically too.
Ringworm picture on the arm.

ringworm on arm

Ringworm picture on finger.

ringworm on finger

Ringworm is highly contagious and you should be very careful not to share any of your belongings like comb, hats, towels with anyone.
Treatment of ringworm usually takes about 2-4 weeks. During this time, be very mindful not to spread the infection to other parts of your body such as the groin.
Ringworm treatments are available over the counter these days. Be sure to read the labels when getting over the counter treatments. With continual use, the rignworm shoud be cure in a couple of weeks.