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Ringworm In Child
Children are one of the easiest victims of ringworm. If you notice that you child has been infected with ringworm, you should handle it as soon as you can.

Ringworm is a contagious skin infection caused by fungus. It is actually not associated with any kind of worm. Ringworm in children dominantly affects the scalp or torso. It is an infection that is both unsightly and incredibly inconvenient to live with.

If your child is infected with ringworm on the torso, you will notice symptoms of a few ring rashes around the stomach, chest, back and thighs. The rings will look scaly and crusty on the outside and smooth in the middle. As the fungus spread, the ring starts to enlarge as well.

Ringworm infection on the scalp will look like there is a bald spot or dandruff. It can be wither dry and crusty or damp with pus. If you see this on very young children, you will know it is very likely ringworm disease as toddlers are too young to have dandruff.

As children have more sensitive skins than adults, it is important to look for ringworm medication that are natural and gentle enough for them. It is advisable to do a swab test on a smaller area before apply the medication to the entire affected area.

Be patient with the treatment as ringworm takes time to heal. You may try a product like Fungrx to treat ringworm in children. Fungrx is made of natural ingredients and speeds up the healing time of ringworm.