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Ringworm Cure

If you had been infected by ringworm before, you will know how uncomfortable it is. Most of the time, treatment for ringworm is taken from the doctor's prescription. Do you think it would be easier if there were home cures as well? In fact, there are some over the counter treatment for different ringworm infections are you can use at home to treat the infection. Different home cures are given depending on which area of the body is infected with ringworm.

Scalp Ringworm There are many people who are infected with scalp ringworm and are not ever aware of it. Most of the sufferers are children between the ages of 4-14. Another group of people who are prone to this infection are diabetic and cancer patients. For scalp ringworm, it is advisable to see the doctor for a treatment. Most likely the doctor will prescribe a medication shampoo to treat the ringworm. The shampoo usually contains selenium sulfide (2.5%) or zinc pyrithione (2.0%). This will help to reduce the ringworm spores. Over the counter shampoos like Selsun Blue and Selsun Gold contains these ingredient as well. On top of this, a doctor may suggest a course of antibiotics to treat the ringworm infection.

Ringworm on the body is quite common. Sometimes it does not require any treatment and it will heal itself. If the case of ringworm infection is not severe, it can be treated at home. The most common home treatment is to use over the counter cream that contains miconazole or clotrimazole. You can find these ingredients in products like Mycelex, Lotrimin and Monistat. You should continue the treatment for a minimum of 2 weeks.

In severe cases of ringworm infection, it is necessary to consult a doctor for treatment. The doctor may prescribe topical corticosteroid to stop the itch as well as oral medication.