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Cause Of Ringworm
Ringworm is a very contagious infection that can give tremendous amount of discomfort to the sufferer. Let's take a look at what are the causes of ringworm.
Ringworm can be transmitted through direct contact with an infected person or an infected animal. As the fungus that causes ringworm thrives in warm and moist places, it is easy to contract this infection at places like locker rooms. Sometimes, a pet may get infected with ringworm from playing in contaminated soil and if you are not aware of it, you may also get ringworm from handling your pet. Pets get ringworm very easily because they tend to roam around and play with other animals that may be infectious.
Other ways to contract ringworm is through:
Swimming pool areas
Gym mats
Gym shower room
Sharing combs
Sharing towels
Sharing hats or clothes
Walking barefooted on infected soil
If you notice scaly, reddish patch of ring-like appearance on your skin, you are most likely affected with ringworm. It is rather easy to tell if you are infected as one of the symptoms include persistent itch at the infected area. To clarify, it is best to consult a doctor who can do a diagnosis for you. Ringworm can be treated fairly easily at home as well.